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Paseo Marítimo, nº1
12100, Castellón
964 28 29 68 / 679 19 63 10

Located at 30 nautical miles from the Coast of Castellón, municipality to which they belong. They form the most singular archipelago of the Community of Valencia and one of the insular spaces with more ecologic value of the Mediterranean.

The islands, islets and crags are displayed forming four groups that receive the name of the biggest formations of each of them: L’Illa Grossa, La Foradada, La Ferrera and El Carallot.

The archipelago extends along five marine miles and 19 emerged hectares, 14 belonging to L’Illa Grossa, the only one with population and were we find a small cemetery, the headquarters of the nursery service and the lighthouse, built in 19th century erected on the peak of the Mount Colibre of 67 meters and the highest point of the archipelago.

With a naked eye, we observe the volcanic origin of the isle lying on a marine background of 80 meters characterized by crystal waters of an unusual transparency. That circumstance, along with the richness of the flora and fauna, turn Las Columbretes into a paradise for divers. Coral, groupers and lobsters inhabit this privileged spot.

On land, it is worth highlighting the existence of a wide colony of Audouin seagulls that share the skies with Eleonor falcons and European shags. Small reptiles, some of them endemic of the islands, complete the land fauna. Regarding the flora, the species present (as well as some of them endemic of the Islands) have perfectly adapted to the dryness and saline environment: mastics, tree mallows and moon trefoils are some of the species.

It has been declared Natural Park and Marine Reserve, its use and visit is regulated.

There is a center of visitors in the Planetarium of Castellón (964 282 968). It is necessary to obtain the relevant administrative authorization for the practice of scuba diving.

Adress: Paseo Marítimo, 1, 12100 Grao de Castelló

Telephone: 964 28 29 68

Fax: 679 19 63 10


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